Top 10 Best Computer Hacking Gadgets List 2022 For Hackers

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  • Why Hacking Gadgets Are Required
  • Best Hacking Gadgets for Hackers

Why Hacking Gadgets Are Required?

The Hacking Gadgets must have to each hacker and ethical hacker. As I explain to you via an example, suppose you are at home, and you desire to hack the Wi-Fi network, but your system’s signal strength is so dizzy. By which you aren’t able to hack the Wi-Fi network. In several such tasks require hacking gadgets. If you are new in the ethical hacking field, you must comprehend these hacking gadgets.

Best Hacking Gadgets for Hackers

There are various Hacking gadgets available on the Internet. But here, we have mentioned the most popular Hacking gadgets which can be used in regular tasks. Let’s discuss all specific hacking gadgets.

  • Raspberry pi
  • USB Rubber Ducky
  • Alfa Adapter
  • Node MCU
  • HackRF One
  • Plunder Bug
  • WI-FI Pineapple
  • Yard Stick One
  • GPU Driver

1 – Raspberry pi

Raspberry pi is the most popular hacking device, which is designed only for ethical hackers. Raspberry Pi being portable, weighs much light and can be carried anywhere. If we compared it to a laptop, you would get a much better quality of Raspberry pi. It is a low-priced portable computer and can efficiently connect Raspberry pi to a TV.

2 – USB Rubber Ducky

Rubber ducky is a hacking device that looks similar to a USB Pendrive. It is used to inject keystrokes into various systems. It could be disastrous, for example, used to compromise a system, steal victims’ essential data, and more. USB rubber ducky can easily inject payloads to the victim’s computer.

3 – WiFi Alfa Adapter

As you know, I described above that why we used a wifi alfa adapter for wifi hacking. The wifi alpha adapter often is used for wifi hacking. It might be the best tool for Dos and DDoS attacks that can send lots of packet injections.

4 – RTL-SDR Dongle

We can receive any live radio signals nearby with the help of RTL-SDR Dongle. The RTL-SDR dongle is the cheapest hacking device that may be used to obtain multiple network signals. for example, aircraft, Fire communications.

5 – NodeMcu WiFi Jammer

It depends on you which type of project you want to use on the NodeMcu board. It involves several specialties like wifi jamming, wifi repeater. It often is used in wifi jamming projects. To use the NodeMcu board, you must have sufficient knowledge of programming.

6 – HackRF One (Signal Capture)

HackRF One is one of the most expensive hacking devices that used to transmit and receive radio signals. We could guess that It often may be used for SS7 attacks.

7 – Plunder Bug

The Plunder Bug is a piece of networking equipment that looks similar to a pocket-sized LAN Tap that lets you “bug” Ethernet connections with USB-C convenience.

8 – WiFi Pineapple

The wifi pineapple allows hackers to hijack essential credential shares on the public wifi network. One of the most excellent features of wifi pineapple, it is a portable device that makes it more charming.

9 – Yard Stick one

The YARD Stick One is a Radio Dongle that looks palm-sized. It can transmit and receive wireless network signals at a frequency below 1 GHz.

10 – GPU Graphics Drivers

Hacking is not feasible without a graphics driver. Let’s get an understanding via an example. We can perform comprehensive attacks help of the GPU driver, such as brute-force attacks, DDoS attacks, password attacks, etc.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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