How can I Recover Deleted Files from Pendrive

Recover Deleted Data

Imagine the Senario

You are a school teacher and after spending a lot of time, saved all the student’s email-id, phone number, roll number in a file. But somehow that file was deleted from your computer. You do not know how that file was deleted. Instantly you want to recover that file. But you do not know how to recover deleted files. In this blog, I will recover deleted files from Pendrive or Harddrive. In this article, I will use the foremost Data Recovery Tool.

What is the foremost Tool?

Foremost is a forensic data recovery tool. with the help of which we can recover any deleted file.

  • “If you use Kali Linux, then you are lucky. The foremost tool is already installed in Kali Linux.”
  • “If you use windows 10/7/8, then you will have to download from Google.”

We have saved some images on our computer, which have not been deleted yet.

Image on our computer

But for some reason, this was permanently deleted from the computer. As you can see on the computer screen.

Now, we will recover your file with the help of the Foremost tool. But I did not know how the foremost tool works. I opened the “foremost tool” help. Follow the command given below.

foremost -h

I understood all commands of the foremost tool. As you know, I have already mentioned above that whole images had been stored in a Pendrive. I did not know the “PATH” of Pendrive. For that, I took the help of the fdisk -l command. As mentioned below.

fdisk -l

Finally, I got the “PATH” of Pendrive. We will save all files on the desktop. As you know, mentioned below.

foremost -t png -i /dev/sbd1 -v -q -o /root/Desktop/data-recovery/

Finally, I have recovered all deleted data from Pendrive. We are glad to recover the files.

Recover Deleted Files from Pendrive

I have made a video for this. If you don’t understand, First of all, You watch this video. I’ll expect it. You got everything.


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