How Can I See List All Users In A MySQL Database Server

List All Users In A MySQL Database Server

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  • How Can I See List All Users In A MySQL Database?

Today we are going to write another Hacking Blog for Newcomers. In this blog, I will explain, How to see lists of all users and passwords in the MySQL database.

Log in MYSQL Database :-

You must log in to MYSQL Database as a root user using the following command.

mysql -u root -p 

List all MYSQL Database :-

To see all MySQL database lists, execute the below command.

show databases;

After executing the above command, we got our database name called Joombla. Let’s grab information in the joombla database. For that, follow the below command.

use Joomble;

List all Joombla Table:-

Execute the following command to view all tables in the Joombla database.

show tables;

As you can see, we have 72 tables in the Joombla database, but we are interested in the eslfu_users table.

List all Important Creds in eslfu_users :-

According to the following image, we have got all columns in the eslfu_users table. For example, id, name, username, email, password.

List all Id & Username & Password Creds in eslfu_users :-

In the end, We get all users & passwords creds in username & password columns. But unluckily, the password is encrypted. To decrypt user passwords, you can use any online website.

select id,username,password,email from eslfu_users;

How Can I See List All Users In A MySQL Database Server

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