How to Setup ProxyChains in Kali Linux 2021 || Fully Anonymous on Internet

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  • What is Proxychains?
  • How to Install & Setup Proxychains

NOTE:you must in ROOT user. if you do not then switch to Root

What is Proxychains?

Proxychains is a free & open-source tool that allows us to run any network tool through HTTP(S), socks4, TOR, and socks5 proxy. With the help of proxychains, we can hide your IP addresses on the internet.

How to Install & Setup Proxychains

To setup proxychains, you will first need to install the proxychains tool in Kali Linux. For that, follow the below command, which can help you to establish proxychains.

apt-get  install proxychains
proxychains Installation

After installing proxychains, you will need to install tor. Let’s install tor in your Kali Linux for that follow the below command.

apt-get install tor

Tor Installation

Configure proxychains:-

After installing proxychains & tor service, now we will configure proxychains for that, open your terminal and follow the below command.

vi /etc/proxychains.conf

As you can see below the image, there are three types of proxychains.

  • dynamic_chain
  • strict_chain
  • random_chain

We will use a dynamic chain. For that, we need to add “#” on strict_chain and remove # from dynamic_chain.

Remove # from Dynamic_chain

In this stage, We have removed “#” on the dynamic_chain.

Add # in Strict_chain

Now we will write socks5 8080 in the last line of the proxy list. Let’s save by ESC and for the exit file wq.

Add socks5 IP-Address

Before starting proxychains, we will first need to start tor services. For that, open your terminal and follow the below command.

service tor start 

Start Tor Service

Now we will open your terminal and launch Firefox with proxychains. Follow the below command.

proxychains firefox


To ensure your current location, we need to check the DNS leak test, or you can check google location. We have marked the current location below the image.

This is your proxychains log.

Proxychains log

How to Install Proxychains in Kali Linux 2021:- Video

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